Two transgender women complain of DMV mistreatment in West Virginia
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Description: With its long lines and seemingly endless paperwork, a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles can rarely be classified as fun. But it could be worse.
Two West Virginia transgender women claim their recent DMV visits were especially harrowing as they attempted to update their names and change their driver's license photos.
In separate incidents, both recount officials telling them their appearance looked too feminine for a driver's license issued to a male and that they would have to dress down for their photos.
Now they've enlisted The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund to get their stories heard.
"(A manager) told me it was a DMV policy that people listed as male could not wear makeup," said Kristen Skinner. "The manager referred to me as 'it' and told me to take off my makeup, wig and fake eyelashes."
Skinner, whose hair and eyelashes were her own and not fake, eventually took the license photo after removing all facial makeup.
The 45-year-old IT professional called the experience at the Charles Town office in Jefferson County on January 7 "humiliating."
"The way I was treated was unprofessional," Skinner said. "Isn't the point of a photo identification to identify how you look every day?"
Trudy Kitzmiller said she had a similar experience many months later in neighboring Berkeley County. According to her, after showing all the legal paperwork to change her name on her driver's license, DMV workers in Martinsburg demanded she remove all makeup, jewelry and long hair.
The 52-year-old says she was also called "it."
"It doesn't matter whether my license says M or F. I'm still a transgendered woman, and they shouldn't tell me how to dress or appear," Kitzmiller said.
Teenager in South Carolina confronts similar situation
"I don't know many transgender women in this state, but it (should have) never happened that way. I am a human being and should be treated as a human being."
Kitzmiller refused to change her physical appearance and left the DMV on May 10 wit
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