Tomasz Stańko —Third Heavy Ballad
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Description: Bluish (1991 r.) Tu CD "Ballads". Zbiory pryw.

Tomasz Stańko -- trumpet
Jon Christensen -- drums
Arild Andersen -- bass
"Recently, many of Tomasz Stanko's albums previously unavailable in the United States have become available, and as a Stanko fan I have been picking them up as soon as I become aware of them. Some have been wonderful, showing me a side of Stanko's muse I did not know existed. Others have been a disappointment. Bluish, which by its title and its sound is an obvious reference to Miles Davis' legendary album Kind of Blue, lands between those Stanko recordings that elate me and those that grate me.
Since in many ways Tomasz Stanko can be seen as Poland's answer to Miles Davis, fans of Davis should take note of Bluish. Like Davis's Kind of Blue, it is deeply austere, it is lyrical, and it is most decidedly avant-garde. Those who know Stanko well will appreciate this foray into musical realms where few dare to tread. But those who know Stanko only from some of his more melodic efforts may be taken aback.
Over the years, I have come to know and appreciate both sides of Tomasz Stanko though I prefer his melodic side. While I don't agree with the first reviewer that this is one of his best, its far from being one of his worst. There is a lot to like here, though you have to be in a frame of mind that is most conducive to its enjoyment. My favorites are the peripatetic Under the Volcano, the musical odyssey that is the title cut, and My W.S.B. Friend which gives drummer Jon Christensen and bassist Arild Andersen substantial time to show their chops. The trio format of this Stanko recording is very well suited to the compositions and to imbuing the project with an overall feeling of austerity.
Like Davis' Kind of Blue, Bluish is a recording I will certainly return to whenever the mood is right. If you are a Stanko neophyte, I would suggest starting with C.O.C.X., From the Green Hill, or Chameleon before tackling Bluish. But if you are a seaso
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