The Real Reason We Never Hear About Julia Roberts' Kids
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There are some celebrity children who are seen out and about so often you could probably list off their middle names, shoe sizes, and zodiac signs by heart. But there are a few others who are so shielded from the spotlight you couldn't pick 'em out of a lineup if your life depended on it. Julia Roberts' trio of kids with her director husband, Danny Moder, fit firmly into the latter category. The twins, Hazel and Finn, and their little brother Henry have been growing up far away from the cameras, despite the fact that their mom has been a household name for decades. Here's why you rarely, if ever, hear about Julia Roberts' kids.

A "Mom" first mentality | 0:34
No footstep following | 1:30
Low profile maintenance | 1:53
A secluded hideaway | 2:14
No thanks, social media | 2:49
No outsider interference | 3:29

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