Greens Are Overrated - How often Durianrider eats greens? Durianrider Q&A
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Description: When I started this lifestyle, I thought I gotta eat soooo much greens to meet my body's needs for micro-nutrients!! (I remember some really disgusting "overgreened" green smoothies I created LOL). It took a while until I just ate them in the amount that I incredibly enjoy them - no more and no less :) Greens are fantastic. They are just frequently overrated in the way that eating them in huge quantities fills you up but doesn't give you the fuel you need. People fill up on greens but don't get enough calories. And then later fill up on fatty stuff. You need to have your fuel of carbohydrates. Have them as a daily side dish to your smoothies & starches and they give you freshness, variety & an extra micro-nutrient load :) No I’m not skinny because I move so much ;) Follow me on Strava:
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