[EAL] East Rail Line trains No Longer bound for E. TST.
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First of all, I would like to say sorry for no train videos upload since April 2009, because I am not satisfied with what Windows Movie Makers done on my videos, at least it can only save 25fps and cut the last 5f out ! ... And sorry for no opening and ending for this and may be some future upload videos.

Starting from 16 August 2009, MTR East Rail Line and West Rail Line will terminate at Hung Hom Station due to the open of Kowloon Southern Link. East Rail Line terminal finally returns to Hung Hom since Late 2004. Listen to the motor sound when the PA is playing in Putonghua, that is the locomotive MTR 58 of freight VF05 accelerating through the other track.

Canon S2 IS , 640x480 30 Fps .
Gordon Wong , 08-16-2009 .
Added: Tuesday at 21:12

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